By the Pond

Hello water

Little ripples

Gentle tickles

On splashy splash toes

And plunk!

A pike!

Beneath fluttering flight

Of red wing black bird

Weave in and out of cloudy frow

Breaking in gentle rhythm



Revealing little beams of dinner 


In Setting sun

And almost day is done

Closer now

Hurry in and peep peep

To gentle sleep

The Boogie Man Likes Coffee

The boogy man stole some of my coffee

And it was a nice cuppa too

I wanted the first sip, at least,

While it was still hot

And I could trace the steam curling

Up, up, over the top of the mug

Who knew he even liked java

The boogy man he

Who snatches other things, I presume

Could have had anything in the room

But you know

Coffee is divine.

I want none of it anymore

sand between toes

a wrinkle in my nose

snuff it out please

for I am not one or two

with anything

I am made of shards of dust

of fallen particle

or leftover bits and bobs

unsuited for the ordinary

I want none of it anymore

the it that is I

that is me

that is scraped together to give shape

to a hopeless shifter

a guilty drifter

I want none of it anymore

as the “none”

is me

and me is unfit to step or speak

where other lives crawl

I want none of it anymore

that carless laughter

that sleepy smile after

a long awaited delight

cut short  always

by rippling fright.

I want a new life

so that maybe I can have a soul

implanted in me this time

failure is me right now

the only me I know

self nauseous self.

I take the form of nothing and of everything disgusting and hopeless



I take the form of nothing but everything that is horrible and worthless.

Dear Universe,

You took the ugliest bits you could find

and threw them in a pot

with bones and decaying personality,

then you emptied the pot

onto a pile of rotting ground

and started to form my shell

with nothing to fill it.