Rainy Slumber

It is quiet in the house and there is
nothing disturbed. The wind blows violently outside my window as the rain
pounds against the earth. There is a slight breeze drifting through the
room, cooling both my feet and my mind. There is not much to be heard except
the pitting and patting of the heavy rain drops, and the distant sounds of
thunder as it crashes in slight intervals. The darkness calms my head, yet
makes me drowsy and too restful for the noon hour. As I sit quietly with my
eyelids pulled down heavily, the raindrops sing a soft lullaby that casts a
spell on me and quickly takes over my relaxed state, transforming it into a
drifting sleep.

The house is still quiet and there is nothing disturbed. I can still hear the
wind and the rain hitting violently against the window, as the breeze cools my
body, and I drift further into this midday rainy slumber.



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