Belly Laugh

I will always go for a long walk

down winding paths

with you,

to share each step

with your gentle demeanor

and your belly laugh,

a hand in hand to drift us far away from

the day, everyday

our tiredness

from the night before,

sweet yawns in each other’s direction,

always at the forefront,

but delightfully so,

because conversations that just had to be

conversed about

made our eyes grow wide,

while our minds were charged from the

light of the moon,

tiredness disperses though,

when we laugh

we laugh

and make hazy thoughts explode

above us,

Such nonsensical whimsy is so

beautiful on you,

you wear it well and

sprinkle it on me so that

I am always floating

on giggles and kisses

the warmest hugs I’ve ever had

and those belly laughs.




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