It is Never Enough

I heard once

That slumping through

Moss was enough

To satisfy any

Lust for adventure,

That turning

Pebbles over in my

Hand would be

Rugged enough,

That I should not

Dirty my dress

Or get bugs in my hair,

But I have also heard

That rolling

Over hills and under

Starry skies is never

Enough for a

Single lifetime,

It is never enough

To quench a thirst

For dipping toes in lakes,

Washing hands

In rivers and falling

Asleep to the crickets

Buzz, humming in my ear

Whilst grass and

Earth so cool

Under my body

Tickles before I become

A treat for tiny

Bugs whom I implore

To be gentle

To leave a little something

For myself.


P.S. I would love some feedback on this piece, mostly regarding whether or not it sounds incomplete. Cheers readers!


2 thoughts on “It is Never Enough

  1. Since you asked for feedback…

    I was hoping to hear a more pronounced voice of what you believe to be the case. I gather that the second half is more aligned with your stance, but I think this is weakened by the line, “But I have also heard,” in which case the second half could merely be another view that you’ve heard that you may or may not agree with. Having said that, I really liked the imagery evoked.

    1. Ahh yes. I see your point. I need to be clear and assertive on where I stand. I certainly think it is incomplete in this case. Thank you very much for reading and for your feedback 🙂

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